Our Culture

Problem Solving

High-level problem-solving requires expertise and execution skills that take many years to develop. Our clients hire us specifically for our industry expertise, and we strive to maintain the highest standards through every engagement. We remain on top of evolving trends, introducing new ideas and innovations from cross-functional industries. Our experiences, along with lessons learned from our day-to-day work with clients, hones our mastery in the biopharma space.

Committed Collaborators

At ProcDNA, we work together with our clients to ensure their projects achieve their business objectives. This approach is valuable for two critical reasons. First, our clients learn and benefit from iterating with us and shaping the solution to their exact specifications. Second, we conduct regular meetings and weekly check-ins to ensure we never lose sight of the goal, working onsite whenever possible. Working this way helps our team members observe and incorporate client feedback rapidly. New employees (across our US and India offices) are encouraged to attend client meetings starting exceedingly early in the ProcDNA journey to reinforce these values as they integrate into our workflow.

Leading with Integrity

Integrity is at the core of who we are at ProcDNA. We work hard to foster a culture of honesty, openness, rigor, and directness that promotes transparency. We applaud ethical integrity in managing difficult situations and intellectual integrity in the way we leave no stone unturned to find solutions to complex client problems.

Your Growth is Our Growth

We strongly believe that ProcDNA grows when we invest deeply in our people. We accomplish this through training, mentorship, and apprenticeship. Our employees hail from a diverse range of educational backgrounds, including engineering, statistics, and business. New employees go through a formal New Hire Training Program that teaches them various problem-solving and client management skills.

Continued Opportunity

Beyond the New Hire Training Program, your career at ProcDNA puts you on a solid path of learning through mentorship and apprenticeship.

Everyone Leads

We speak of apprenticeship frequently. In saying this, we mean that our leadership team is expected to be “hands-on” in coaching and training ProcDNA team members at all stages of their career journey. We do not believe in the concept of “Sales Only” partners. Every leader in our firm has risen through the ranks to a position that highlights their unique talents.

Helping Each Other

We are proud of having a culture where our employees go out of their way to help each other. It is not uncommon in our firm to hear stories where one employee took 3-4 hours from their already-busy afternoon to help a colleague. We take great care in nurturing this culture and invite like-minded colleagues to grow in this type of culture.


We do not shy away from challenges. Hence, our ideal candidates are natural problem-solvers and innovative thinkers.

Growth Mindset

We provide boundless opportunities for our team members to achieve the next level in their careers.

Hard Work Equals Rewards

We believe that success requires long hours and is driven by perspiration rather than inspiration. We are never content to rest on past achievements, individually or as a company.

LOVE Technology and Learning

Our team members are passionate about learning, especially regarding new technologies. We sponsor and encourage team members to take additional courses whenever possible.

Feedback Culture

Our semesterly 360˚ feedback process is something we take very seriously. Sharing feedback is critical to growth, both for individuals and the organization. When we are fully transparent about problems and successes, everybody wins.