ProcDNA PROMISE: Empowering Underprivileged Students through CSR Initiatives

Gurugram, IN – [ April 15, 2024] – ProcDNA, the leading analytics and technology consulting firm, continues its dedication to corporate social responsibility (CSR) through its ongoing ProcDNA PROMISE initiative. As part of this initiative, ProcDNA supports NeeV, a school catering to the educational needs of marginalized communities.

In the last week of March, ProcDNA invited students from NeeV to celebrate the festival of Holi, fostering joy and creativity through an engaging card-making activity. The event provided a platform for students to express themselves artistically while creating lasting memories filled with laughter and camaraderie.

As part of its ongoing commitment, ProcDNA employees are actively engaged in supporting NeeV students in their academic pursuits. Recognizing the importance of higher education, ProcDNA is providing invaluable assistance to students preparing for entrance exams for Delhi University. This support extends beyond academic guidance, encompassing administrative assistance such as form submission and coaching sessions focused on exam preparation strategies.

“At ProcDNA, we believe in leveraging our resources to create meaningful change in the community,” said Harpreet Singh, Partner & Co-Founder, ProcDNA. “Through the ProcDNA PROMISE initiative, we are honored to partner with NeeV Students and contribute to the educational advancement of underprivileged students. By fostering a supportive environment and offering valuable resources, we aim to empower students to achieve their full potential.”

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