Technology Solutions

Auxo D2I

Utilizing ProcDNA’s contemporary big data infrastructure, we aim to establish a data warehouse and derive data-driven insights. We are harnessing an advanced cloud-based big data framework, allowing us to experiment with and explore new data sources at an unprecedented scale and with exceptional flexibility.​

Auxo BI Reporting

Data-driven insights empower business users by providing them with the ability to make informed decisions based on meaningful metrics and trusted data visibility.​

By leveraging a variety of pharmaceutical-focused data models, pre-computed key performance indicators (KPIs), and ready-made reports accessible across popular business intelligence (BI) platforms like ThoughtSpot, Qlik, Tableau, and MicroStrategy, you can expedite your journey towards cloud-based BI solutions.

Auxo MDM

MDM Strategy and Assessment: Evaluating current data practices and aligning MDM goals with business strategy.​

MDM Implementation Services: ProcDNA’s customized Master data management (MDM) solution can create and maintain a reliable, sustainable, accurate, and secure cloud-based data environment that represents a “single source of truth.” Thus, enabling a 360-degree view of integrated master data.

Custom MDM Solutions: Deploy an industry-standard MDM system like Reltio or Informatica to meet your fundamental MDM needs. We at ProcDNA, leveraging our proficiency in both technology and business, will handle the end-to-end implementation of your MDM platform.

Custom Commercial Software

Experience a digital transformation that maximizes your business’s capabilities. Our proficiency in custom software development combines AI and ML technologies to empower the pharmaceutical industry.

Crafted to meet your unique needs, our solutions optimize precision, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance while harnessing the power of the cloud. Our cloud-based solutions empower you to innovate faster, make data-driven marketing decisions, and drive success in an ever-evolving industry.​

Auxo Customer 360

Harness the diverse customer touchpoints across various channels to precisely profile dynamic customer personas, each with unique preferences. This empowers representatives to deliver precisely tailored messages at optimal moments, ensuring relevance and impact.​

ProcDNA’s best in class customer 360 provides a holistic understanding of each customer, enabling businesses to build stronger relationships, improve customer satisfaction, drive sales, and enhance overall business performance. It is a valuable tool for customer-centric organizations looking to deliver a seamless and personalized customer experience.​

Marketing Cloud Setup

Transform your life sciences and pharma marketing strategy with our expert guidance. At ProcDNA, we specialize in orchestrating tailored Marketing Cloud solutions, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC).

Our team leverages in-depth industry knowledge to build robust infrastructures that drive engagement, streamline communication, and maximize ROI. Unleash the power of data-driven marketing and elevate your brand with our unrivaled SFMC implementation services. Join forces with us and watch your marketing efforts flourish in the life sciences and pharmaceutical sector.​

CRM System Setup

Navigating the intricate terrain of CRM implementation within the life sciences and pharmaceutical sectors requires a deep understanding of the industry’s unique challenges. Drawing upon our extensive experience and business acumen, we stand ready to guide you through this complex journey. Our services encompass a comprehensive suite of CRM consulting solutions, encompassing:​

1. CRM Selection: ProcDNA is poised to assist you in evaluating your requirements and selecting the most suitable CRM solution tailored to your specific business needs.​

2. CRM Implementation: Collaborating closely with your team, we’ll execute the deployment of your chosen CRM system, customizing it to align seamlessly with your individual requirements.​

3. CRM Integration: Seamlessly intertwining your CRM solution with your existing systems, we ensure a cohesive workflow for your operations.​

4. CRM Training: Equipping your team with the necessary knowledge and skills to utilize your CRM system effectively.​

5. CRM Support: Our commitment extends beyond implementation, as we provide ongoing support to optimize your CRM system’s performance and ensure it continually adds value to your operations.​